Week of September 30th / October arrives.

This week in Rich:

1. Book club reconvened yesterday at Taimi’s with The Fault In Our Stars.

2. Lunch, I hope, with Aubri, whom I haven’t seen since (crikey) June!

3. I really need to update/send out my resumé in earnest this week. (Move to the Hudson Valley! ––Rach)

This week in Rach:

1. Buy some decorative gourds.

2. Mixing Monday; mastering Tuesday.

3. New studio owner assist on Wednesday! (Shout out to Patrick and Lea!)

And from there…so many shows, so little time! Which one(s) will I make?!

Thursday: Birdie Busch at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.

Friday: Patrick Higgins, Buke and Gase, and Mivos Quartet at (le) Poisson Rouge in nyc.

Saturday: Daughter (!!) at Terminal 5 in nyc.


Lessons #4

What Rich learned this week…

1. “A college’s budget reflects its values,” according to the Achieving the Dream team.

2. Always have snacks at the first meeting of a club meeting because, in Erica’s words, you “don’t wanna look cheap.”

3. The coffee in the cafeteria tastes a bit like boiled socks. (Clearly, we must not value good coffee.)

What Rach learned this week…

1. When canning jams, only screw the lids on “finger-tip tight.”

2. Taco Tuesday in Phoeni-ni is the shhh-t!

3. Choosing to have a piece of metal installed was a bad choice. #thatsall

Week of September 23rd / First week of FALL

This week in Rich:

1. I’m going to a vegan dinner tonight at the college with ma bonne amie Gerri & her crew. BONUS: I found out last Tuesday that my bosom friend* Lauren & her cousin will also be there! (FLASHBACK TO: Lauren & I attended April’s dinner.)

2. Lots going on, on Wednesday! In Brit Lit, we’re taking a “pilgrimage” around campus whilst we discuss Canterbury Tales. (I’m packing my tambourine.) Then, right after class is the first meeting of the literary magazine. THEN, right after lit-mag, Emari DiGiorgio is reading at Dante Hall!!

3. Finally, on Friday, I’m “tailgating” at the home of Miss Williams before the high school football team’s home game against Bridgeton.

*I’m re-reading Anne of Green Gables via DailyLit. I find it helps to increase one’s scope for imagination.

This week in Rach:

1. Tomorrow, I am getting my internet back! I lost it Friday morning when a truck drove by and our cable box fell off the house into the driveway. True story. #wtf

2. Tuesday, I am mastering at the Mountain House.

3. Wednesday and Thursday, I am recording classical piano – on a straight strung Erard baby grand from the 1800s, in a church also from the 1800s with the same dimensions and reverb time as Abbey Road Studio 2, using ribbons mics that were made for the Houses of Parliament in the 1950s, through a custom Helios recording console from the 1960s, to an Ampex MM1000 2-inch 16 track analog tape machine from the 1970s. The piano player is also from the 1950s (shout out to Henry!)



Lessons #3

What Rich learned this week…

1. Refreshing a web page and sighing romantically is not quite the same as closing a book dreamily [Source].

2. Three people is the perfect number for dinner, as it takes the pressure off two, and yet also allows for each person to have equal access to the conversation [Source: Pam].

3. Brie cheese should be heated before serving [Source: Melissa].

What Rach learned this week…

1. Mp3s – no matter how high the quality – sound horrendous compared to m4as.

2. Lili & Loo in Hudson is open 7 days a week all winter!

3. Sonoris DDP Creator is my dream software for making master DDP files to send for CD duplication.

FF: “The Fall”

This is our new series on movies/shows that Rach & I have watched and are recommending from Netflix instant-watch (and other sites that stream); recommendations that we’re calling FRIDAY ‘FLIX (see what we did there?).

BBC’s The Fall stars Gillian Anderson as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson, the most stellar senior police officer since Helen Mirren’s Jane Tennison. Gibson is much more controlled (sometimes almost cold) compared to Tennison; she’s more difficult to figure out, I find, but I love her just as much. And as a former X-Files fanboy, who has followed Anderson through Edith Wharton and over to recent Dickens adaptations, I feel like my devotion comes full-circle in this series.

Check it out this weekend as fall arrives (see what I did there?). Feel free to leave comments/thoughts below. And, yes: when this first series ended, I jumped off the couch and cried, “What?! What?! That’s it?! You mean: I have to––you mean I have to WAIT until next year now?!!”

I just hope Netflix has already secured rights to Series Two.

(And if you have Amazon Prime, you might re-visit all seven series of Prime Suspect. After you sit back down on your couch.)