Week of September 9th

This week in Rich:

1. A series of meetings/appointments on Monday and Tuesday about (but not in order of importance) writing centers, zines, and my constantly-nervous stomach.

2. Two of my classes will be starting their writer’s journals. This week’s prompt: The Proust Questionnaire!

3. On Wednesday, after a discussion of Beowulf in Brit Lit, I will call or text Lauren T––; as I have done that day these last twelve years now.

[Wow; and that’s my week just until Woden’s Day!]

This week in Rach:

1. Finish Rokshan mixes + master; master The Bomb. Three days mixing in the treehouse; two at the mountain house.

2. Dinner meeting Wednesday night with Olivier and Jean-Luc to discuss studio plans for 2014.

3. Make it to the farm store for raw milk. (This is a goal; let’s see if I make it….)

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