Week of September 23rd / First week of FALL

This week in Rich:

1. I’m going to a vegan dinner tonight at the college with ma bonne amie Gerri & her crew. BONUS: I found out last Tuesday that my bosom friend* Lauren & her cousin will also be there! (FLASHBACK TO: Lauren & I attended April’s dinner.)

2. Lots going on, on Wednesday! In Brit Lit, we’re taking a “pilgrimage” around campus whilst we discuss Canterbury Tales. (I’m packing my tambourine.) Then, right after class is the first meeting of the literary magazine. THEN, right after lit-mag, Emari DiGiorgio is reading at Dante Hall!!

3. Finally, on Friday, I’m “tailgating” at the home of Miss Williams before the high school football team’s home game against Bridgeton.

*I’m re-reading Anne of Green Gables via DailyLit. I find it helps to increase one’s scope for imagination.

This week in Rach:

1. Tomorrow, I am getting my internet back! I lost it Friday morning when a truck drove by and our cable box fell off the house into the driveway. True story. #wtf

2. Tuesday, I am mastering at the Mountain House.

3. Wednesday and Thursday, I am recording classical piano – on a straight strung Erard baby grand from the 1800s, in a church also from the 1800s with the same dimensions and reverb time as Abbey Road Studio 2, using ribbons mics that were made for the Houses of Parliament in the 1950s, through a custom Helios recording console from the 1960s, to an Ampex MM1000 2-inch 16 track analog tape machine from the 1970s. The piano player is also from the 1950s (shout out to Henry!)




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